Woman Sees Black Bear In Backyard, Then Captures Adorable Cubs Struggling To Follow Her Over Fence.

What could be cuter than a tiny, furry bear cub? As it turns out, four bear cubs trying to climb a fence in suburban Connecticut is much, much cuter.

Nicole from Plainview, CT was lucky enough to get exactly that on camera, before the fuzzy creatures made their way to their next adventure.

There she sat, minding her own business inside, when a fuzzy black ball caught her eye from across the yard. Nicole squealed in delight (who could blame her) as the cubs desperately tried to follow their mother over the fence and into the woods beyond.


Though the littlest one was not able to make the climb, Nicole says the cutie simply crawled under the fence.

One thing is for sure, if you’re going to live in bear country, prepare to live in close proximity with dangerous little cuties like these.

Check them out in the video below!

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